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For all customers :

I am Welch, the sales director of XTIA. This blog mainly explains the postage of XTIA.

In order to let customers all over the world receive faster, we use the best express delivery, mainly DHL and FEDEX. In addition, our overseas business has not been long since we started, so we are unable to obtain great discounts from express companies. These are the reasons why our express delivery costs are relatively high.

Besides, 2020 is a very difficult year. The number of international express flights departing from Hong Kong Airport has been greatly reduced, leading to an increase in the prices of international express, mainly DHL. XTIA is working hard to find other cheaper express services so that buyers can pay less for our products.

Current shipping methods :

When the order includes a Xproto case :

Case:30USD basic express delivery fee + express delivery fee based on different weights in different regions (for example, for delivery to the United States, it is 30USD+ 4kg*5USD, so a total of 50USD)
Accessories: We set the weight of the accessories mailed with the chassis to 0 (except for module cables, which charge a fee of $2.5 per set of module cables), so the accessories are entitled to free shipping with Xproto .
Note: Because of the large size of AIO brackets, if an order exceeds 2 AIO brackets with one Xproto case , an additional fee of USD 5 per AIO bracket will be charged for the excess part.

When the order does not include the Xproto case:

A uniform fee of $30 is charged, and there is no limit to the number of accessories and the types of accessories (this can make the shipping costs of accessories easier)

When the mailing address is a remote address:
Sometimes, some mailing areas will be judged as remote areas by DHL. If the additional cost in remote areas is not too high, XTIA will pay the additional cost for you. If the additional charges in remote areas are too high, XTIA may cancel your order or request additional postage.

Mailing methods we are testing:


We are trying to use SF Express for mailing in some regions (United States, Canada, Japan, Korea, some European countries, Australia). The postage will be greatly reduced, but it will increase the mailing time by about 1 week compared with DHL, plus our preparation time, it will take a total of 2-3 weeks for customers to get the case.
Recently, we will launch the BETA version of SF express shipping options, customers who need it can choose the BETA version of the SF express, XTIA will be responsible for any risks arising from transportation.

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